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While you were away…

In an effort to take all of the junk I have been storing in my brain this past week and let it out I am writing this post to my husband so that hopefully when he comes home from the … Continue reading

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We’ll Keep Him/Acquiring a Third

One of my favorite movies growing up (and still today) is Willow.  The opening scene is a quite heart wrenching, a new born baby’s life is in danger and to save the child it is sent down the river, like … Continue reading

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Tenacious Twos

You may or may not noticed that I have not been posting many mommy moments as of late. Well…. it’s been a little nuts round here, and my limitations as a human being are pushed to the brink on a … Continue reading

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This post is about Valentines Day… which we celebrated a day early this year. We wanted to beat the rush.  Plus our only babysitter (my sister in law Megan) is in a steamy relationship, and so we knew she would … Continue reading

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The Manual: Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

Today is a good day for Chuck. In mid January Chuck left his construction job to officially start a business with my brother and law Daniel and two other colleges. Their company is called Enlighten. You can check out the website (which is … Continue reading

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I always laugh in Nacho Libre when he invites his love interest, Encarnacion, to his quarters for toast. Perhaps it is because my father is the self proclaimed King of Toast… as growing up it was one of the only … Continue reading

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The Bizz

Well… good news. Chuck got a job!! Can you guess from the poster above which Village Person looks like Chuck when he goes to work? If you guessed construction worker you are correct! Only his helmet doesn’t have a lightning … Continue reading

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