Would you do it?

Many of my faithful readers will know that about a year ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer… well after a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment she has been deemed by the doctors to be cancer free. It has been an interesting process to watch her go through and has caused me to reflect a lot about my life. I have been asked by many people recently if I was in the same situation as my mother would I have chosen to have chemo and radiation? It’s a interesting question… my first reaction was to answer yes. I mean I have two little kids and my life is not just about me, I would do whatever it takes to rid myself of the disease to continue on with life and be there for my family.

Yet upon further investigation I felt my answer changing. Would I fill my body full of poison, get zapped with radiation, let someone take away a part of my body…. risk the chance of getting hooked on pain meds and have to take handfuls on pills?

I don’t fault or judge my mother for the decision she made. I mean she was told by the doctors that if she used alternative health remedies they may help temporarily but if the cancer came back she would be stage four and die. So… I mean with that hanging over your head in the decision making process it can be kind of scary.

After it was all said and done my mom seems fine… a little more loopy than normal as she will frequently refer to as her “Chemo Brain” and a little less hair than before (although it is growing back quite nicely). Yet she has told me that if faced with Cancer again she would decline the treatment.  I don’t blame her.

I was sent this video by a friend the other day. If this doesn’t cause you to do some serious re-evalution of you feelings about the Cancer Industry I don’t know what would. It is a full documentary being over an hour long… BUT it is totally worth your time.

I believe these treatments cured people and I believe that they could still work today. I have little trust for the medical industry as of late along with many other individuals in powerful places.  I have been bold faced lied to by doctors before, and have therefore been very apprehensive to believe much of what they say.

As a Nutrition major at the University of Minnesota I remember bringing up to one of my professors that there are people in the country who have been curing cancer with diet. My professors warned us that these methods were unsafe and promised results that were not proven.  If someone already had cancer our job, as a dietitian, would be to prescribe a diet that was tolerable in the midst of the effects of chemo and radiation. Mostly we learned about how to tube feed people. This was extremely dissapointing to me. How, in the face of thousands of people cured by these alternative methods, can they say there is no proof. Oh… I see you have to test it on mice first, then rats, then monkeys than human trials…. you get the idea.

I really agree with the statement made in this documentary that the medical community preaches FEAR. I have noticed that time and time again in both of my pregnancies and deliveries. They seem to always try and prepare for the worst case scenario, when that RARELY occurs. They just have to cover their own butts to avoid malpractice suits and such.

Oh money… you rule the world and you do such a horrible job at it!

I just want to know what other people think about all this. Do you stand by the medical industry as the authority on the subject? Would you try alternative methods? Do you think people who use herbs are quacks? How would you treat a cancer diagnosis?


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I am a mommy of four little ones. Two girls (5 and 3) and two boys (3 years and 5 months) This only consumes about 95% of my life. I try to squeeze as much as I can into the other 5%. I am a stay at home mom with dreams of owning a hobby farm with my husband and recreating the garden of Eden in my backyard. I crochet , keep bees and spend time with my hubby, cook, read and of course do a little writing.
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6 Responses to Would you do it?

  1. Mary Krause says:

    Tacy, having gone through all of this, I have regrets that I let the fear take over and I did not research this whole cancer issue beforehand. Water under the bridge. I have recently come across several informative videos that have given me a different perspective. One video involves the highjacking of the medical establishment early in the 1900’s by powerful people with lots of money (how much is enough?). Doctors are basically held hostage to the pharmacuetical industry in order to pay for their expensive education and maintain their status. The FDA, which is “supposed” to protect the public, is in the pocket of the pharmacuetical industry, and is corrupt. There ARE several known cures for cancer, one being nutritional (vitamin B-17), and the others are not damaging to the body in the process. These therapies are “illegal” in the US, because they have not been “proven” to be effective. (The same thing they say about vitamins…) People are being sacrified to the money god. I am dismayed that when I asked my oncologist to offer me suggestions for alternatives to chemo and radiation, she followed the party line and told me there was no other safe treatment. I know better now. I do not believe she is evil, just unaware and unwilling to go against the status quo. The medical industry (and especially the cancer industry) can’t afford cures to disease…they make way too much money keeping everyone sick. The system is very large and VERY corrupt, much like our government. Should I ever be faced with another occurance of cancer, I will seek out the actual cures, and not the standard medical treatments. I am grateful to be alive, and plan to live a long time yet, and hopefully, to be wiser for the journey.

  2. Grandma Krause says:

    This is very enlightening. It puts a whole new outlook on medicine. I have been refusing to take some pesciptions my Dr. has tried to give me just because of my experience with Mom and all the drugs they gave her. By the way , what are you doing at 4:39 in the am working on the computer ., Your supposed to be in bed .

  3. Stacy says:

    Tacy, I really appreciate the point that you make regarding your mother’s cancer treatments. I’m not really sure that patients are given a clear picture of what’s going on when a doctor prescribes a course of cancer treatment. I’m also not so sure that most oncologists have a great idea of what “quality of life” and “do no harm” means.
    That being said – I would like to offer a somewhat differing point of view. My older brother is a cancer researcher at Harvard. He teaches at their medical school. He has devoted his life to studying cancer and its treatments. I talk to him a lot about what he knows. I would like to point out a few key things that I think are often missed in the arguments from those promoting a strictly natural therapy and those who are quick to demonize the research/ pharmaceutical industry.
    The first problem I see with these types of arguments is statistics. First, these videos will always give statistics showing the increased rate of incidence of cancer over the last 50 years. The other statistic given is the poor outcomes for patients treated for cancer. What they fail to mention is the MAJOR factor or AGE. The longer people live the more likely they are to have mutated cells (AKA – cancerous cells) because of exposure to the sun (a carcinogen) through the course of life, and because when cells naturally replicate (over the course of life), they become more and more likely to mutate (because the DNA telomeres degenerate naturally as a process of cell replication). As a result, what we would have called “dying of old age” 30 years ago is what we call “dying of cancer” today. Ultimately, there is no way to increase life expectancy without increasing the incidence of cancer. When you fail to recognize this, you fail to read the statistics appropriately.
    The second issue that I see is the fallacy of anecdotal evidence. I have heard many claims of people being cured though nutritional and other wellness therapies. All documentaries of this type will tell the story of several people who seem to have been effectively treated through this or that natural remedy. I have no doubt that there are some people who go into remission and are cured on these therapies. That does not an effective treatment make. That would be like saying, ‘yesterday I drooled on my pillow at night – the moon happened to be out at the time, so the moon MADE ME DROOL ON MY PILLOW.’ Without sufficient education, you may believe that the moon made me drool on my pillow and you may be able to make a lot of people believe you, but all you have is anecdotal evidence.
    Again, I am no here to say that natural therapies don’t have validity, but it is untrue and maybe even unethical to go around telling people that you have “cure” for cancer, when all you have is anecdotal evidence. It is important to have a decent scientific (double blind?) study showing real correlation in a controlled population, and perhaps even a theory of causation.
    The third point I want to make is for the other camp. I believe all cancer patients who are being prescribed chemotherapy should be told the following. “The whole point of chemotherapy is to kill cells. We are pretty sure that the cancer cells will die somewhat before the rest of your body dies. We don’t know how close we are going to have to bring the rest of your body to death in order to kill the cancer cells – but it may horrific and some people could say barbaric, but if it’s worth it to you, we can do our very best to save your life this way.” And I think what should be added to that is, “Since we are going to be poisoning your body, we need to do our best to build it up as well. Here are the wellness and nutritional therapies I recommend before/ during your cancer treatments”.
    The problem is that physicians aren’t even required to take nutrition and wellness courses as part of their education. They have no idea how to increase your health and build your natural immunity and strength. THIS Is A HUGE PROBLEM. I think the only effective way to treat cancer is with a combination of therapies. BUILD UP THE BODY, and then try to kill the cancer.
    As a side note, I had someone very close to me treat her breast cancer with a combination of therapies. She went to an allopathic doctor as often as her oncologist. Her cancer was being effectively treated and she had a pretty good quality of life. Then she chose to refuse her chemo treatments as recommended by her oncologist, and she died. Now I could say that she died BECAUSE she stopped her chemo treatments. But all I have is anecdotal evidence.

    • tacycall says:

      Stacy I do appreciate your comment. That is a good point about the age and how it can skew the statistics. I understand what you are saying regarding the importance of looking into things further with scientific research. However as noted in this video, the charts, findings, and research done by these alternative healers were not accepted by the medical community. I understand the scientific method… it was drilled into my head through my college career. That is what these alternative people where doing, they had a hypothesis, they tested it and it proved effective they had actual human beings to give proof. I have a problem when hundreds of people with cancer go to a clinic and leave cancer free and people get all in a huff about them claiming to have a possible solution. You can argue that it was some other factor and not the treatment they are receiving that cured them…. BUT should we shut down such healing clinics in the name of science? Ban them to Mexico and other such places to practice? ESPECIALLY when the treatments that these patients were receiving where completely natural and did not have side effects like “approved” cancer treatments do today.
      People should have the right to options, NO treatment is 100% effective. But if you want to drink herb juice to regain health I say that is your prerogative and it shouldn’t be looked at by the medical community as a death sentence to choose something alternative. People have survived cancer without chemo/radiation in the past and it is still happening today.
      And I am sorry about your friend. It is a REALLY hard decision to make when your life is on the line, but she got to decide herself, and I think that is the greatest gift we have, our ability to choose for ourselves.

  4. Just wanted to add my 2 cents… I don’t don’t agree with you 100%, but at the same time i also don’t completely agree with doctors, either. I think there’s some good in both ways and in an ideal world, we would be able to go to a Clinic to get treated for cancer using a happy medium with both medical and natural stuff. I could go into depth and explain why i think that, but unfortunately i aint got the time to do so (i say this as Lincoln is pulling on my arm, ordering me to be “ALL DONE!”). Oh and one more thought, i don’t like the argument that people make often claiming that doctors are just in in for the money and don’t care about the patient. Yes, i’m sure there’s a good chunk of doctors out there that are like that, but i also know that there are PLENTY of great doctors who truly care about their patients, and it’s not just about the money for them. Why would they torture themselves with 10ish years of schooling (bachelors, medical school, residency, specializing, etc.)? Surely many of them care. I’ve had my good share of doctors who were kind of a-holes (excuse the language!) and i would never go back to them, but i’ve also had plenty who were nice, kind, and seemed like they genuinely cared about me.

    ANYWAY, i got off on a tangent. WOops. I don’t even think the $$$ aspect was a major point of your blog post. Haha, sorry! And now lincoln is hitting the computer. LATER!

  5. Allison says:

    I’m going to try to find some time to watch the video this week. Interesting thoughts to read in your posts and the comments. I can’t say what I would/will do when told I have cancer, I have no idea. It might depend what stage of life I’m in, what cancer I have, how bad….and a lot of prayer. I know I would be open to learning about alternative methods. I see no harm in being informed and maybe big benefits in learning about other options. If someone wants me to start drinking super healthy green gobbily gook, might as well try right? What will it hurt?

    I love modern medicine. I think modern medicine has done a lot of good in this world of ours and I’ve had good experiences with most doctors. I’m grateful for the many options we have today and hope modern medicine continues to make new discoveries. Thanks to modern medicine I do a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had been more in a different time (I had problems with my spine) and I don’t think any oils or herbs could have helped cure my bone structure, but maybe I’m wrong. I think there are problems with the medical industry but I don’t think that means we need to have this huge distrust of doctors. I think it is important to find doctors we trust. That being said, I’m not anti what some call ‘more natural’ approaches at all. I don’t know much about natural remedies and herbs so I can’t say I have personal experience to draw on. It seems like sometimes when people talk about their natural cures, I think they sound a little off the rocker. But others can tell me their herbal cures and it sounds completely normal to me. I think if I were to learn more about these other options, I would probably support them, but I would probably also still support more ‘traditional’ options as well.

    I don’t think we should necessarily believe everything we hear, but for the most part I’ve trusted the doctors we’ve had. I think it is important to hear other ideas and read about new findings, being informed is terribly important, certainly in life and death situations, like cancer.

    Keep up these posts Tacy. I really enjoy reading what you put on here. They make me think about things other than toddler activities, and that is kind of nice once in awhile. I really don’t know much about what you post, so my thoughts are not well formed, so thanks for helping me work on that process.

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