I am most THANKFUL for…

My rock throwin’

Leg up sleepin’

Wife dippin’

Floor moppin’

Soul singin’

This year I am most THANKFUL for Chuck
(my multi-talented baby’s daddy)

About tacycall

I am a mommy of four little ones. Two girls (5 and 3) and two boys (3 years and 5 months) This only consumes about 95% of my life. I try to squeeze as much as I can into the other 5%. I am a stay at home mom with dreams of owning a hobby farm with my husband and recreating the garden of Eden in my backyard. I crochet , keep bees and spend time with my hubby, cook, read and of course do a little writing.
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3 Responses to I am most THANKFUL for…

  1. Megan says:

    Nice pictures! I'm thankful for you and Charlie both, and your unborn cutie-girl.

  2. Kar says:

    We are thankful for you!

  3. i have to tell you, I'm craking up…I thought it said, "I'm almost thankful for…"

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