My New Motto…

Life is not about finding yourself,
it is about creating yourself.

I did not quote this exactly how it was told to me, and my mom paraphrased some lady on TV who teaches Yoga. The point is that I LOVE this saying which I am now deeming as my new motto… she totally nailed it on the head. It goes right along with my belief that life is what you make it. I think sometimes we get too caught up in our limitations… people often feel that they have LIMITED potential, this simply is not true. We are all Children of God, and have the potential to be like him.
Granted each one of us has been given a different set of talents and abilities in our lives… but it’s also true that we can all overcome weakness and grow in strength and ability with a little bit of elbow grease and dedication (and Divine assistance aka prayer). You really can accomplish just about anything… sometimes it just takes some of us a little bit more work and time than others. I mean I want to be a good swimmer someday…I did not pass my swimming test in elementary school and I am far from Micheal Phelps status (in fact I still plug my nose when I jump into the water) but each summer I practice a little bit more. I am confident that someday I will be able to swim miles without plugging my nose….. Oooooo maybe I could do a triathlon!! Or even and Iron Woman!!!! Ok… lets just start with the marathon Tacy.
And I am not just talking about physical accomplishments or artistic types of creating. I mean you can create yourself to be someone truly remarkable. I usually take notice of people I really admire and traits that I want to adopt into my life from them… especially the Savior who is the greatest example to us all. I am definitely creating my life from little bits and pieces I have learned from thousands of people along my life’s journey… that’s what you do… you just take the pieces you like… the really good ones and they are like ingredients for your creation. So don’t feel limited, and don’t be passive in life, we are not victims of circumstance we have power to change and grow and overcome the things of the past… Look around you, find what you now want and you create it in your own life. Become better than you ever thought possible!!!

About tacycall

I am a mommy of four little ones. Two girls (5 and 3) and two boys (3 years and 5 months) This only consumes about 95% of my life. I try to squeeze as much as I can into the other 5%. I am a stay at home mom with dreams of owning a hobby farm with my husband and recreating the garden of Eden in my backyard. I crochet , keep bees and spend time with my hubby, cook, read and of course do a little writing.
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2 Responses to My New Motto…

  1. Charles says:

    I LOVE this post. This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever heard you say. This is such a wonderful way to look at one’s life and the world. THIS is the power of agency. Okay let’s talk about it more later…

  2. Karen says:

    Thanks Tacy. You seem to say things when it needs to be said.

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