Move over Tina Fey…

Halloween was a blast-ola. As promised I dressed up as the one and only Sarah Palin, although I resembled the Tina Fey version slightly more. Joe dressed up as McCain, or Maverick as I like to call him… and we were a hit! I kind of felt like a celebrity and people kept wanting to take our picture. We won the contest for best couple, and got to make a little acceptance speech.

I don’t know what it is about playing make believe that makes me so happy! I was in character all night long because I loved seeing people’s reactions when I spoke in her Alaskan accent. In my childhood I was an attention hog and whether I like to admit it or not I still tend to be We have quite a few family home videos of me shoving my brother and sister violently out of the way of the camera so I could have the lime-light. Secretly I wanted to be an actress in my younger years, but my sister was a great thespian of the stage at Northdale Middle school and I feared that I would only be hid in her Shadow… so I never pursued my acting career… except for that one time in elementary school when I was a munchkin in The Wizard of OZ (I rocked that role by the way).

Here are a few snapshots of the night. Enjoy!!!!!

Here we are with the Siamese twins. Double your fun, that is two votes in one!!

Here I am with a contestant of the Price is right, and Tiger Lilly from Neverland. We had a giant take our picture… hence the great camera angle!

Here John and I are paying tribute to this nice young sailor boy, we thanked him for his service to the country and him and John shared some war stories.. good times!

The amazing Miss Tiger Lilly once again.

Here we have another Sarah Palin… we traded hair secrets and I told her how she could get amazing volume.
Then Bzzzzz I ran right into a little bumble bee, with the most amazing beehive… the secret (she uses honey instead of hairspray… who would have known)

It was a long night for John and I, but we felt the night was a success, we really got to connect with the people. You now the Joe Plumbers and Hockey Mom’s of America. WISH US THE BEST FOR TOMORROW!!!!


About tacycall

I am a mommy of four little ones. Two girls (5 and 3) and two boys (3 years and 5 months) This only consumes about 95% of my life. I try to squeeze as much as I can into the other 5%. I am a stay at home mom with dreams of owning a hobby farm with my husband and recreating the garden of Eden in my backyard. I crochet , keep bees and spend time with my hubby, cook, read and of course do a little writing.
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2 Responses to Move over Tina Fey…

  1. Andersonland says:

    Well how cute are you? And you and attention seeker….no way jose! 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Awesome!! You sure know how to get the attention!!!

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